Who is Jane Keegans, the Republican who ousted Rep. Elaine Luria?

State Sen. Jane A. Keegans (R-Virginia Beach) is one of Virginia's most notorious swing districts.

In a rare race between two leading female Navy veterans, Representative Ellen Luria (D-Va.) is projected to oust.

Keegans tended to have a related identity in a military-heavy, politically diverse and historically liberal district.

He took advantage of his background as a retired Navy helicopter pilot and a geriatric nurse practitioner.

He expressed widespread dissatisfaction with the economy.

And desperately capitalize on President Biden's low approval rating for an inflation-reducing message.

and sought to tie up Luria, a retired Navy commander for the Biden administration and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Cal.).

Keegans initially ran for the state Senate in 2019,

Saying that she was inspired by the blue wave of 2018 that took Luria and several Democrats with national security backgrounds into office.

He expressed widespread dissatisfaction with the economy.