Slight increase in stock futures trading after rollercoaster week

Let us tell you that stock futures rose in overnight trading on Sunday.

The main reason for this was that investors were waiting for the big earnings report to come.

Let us tell you that futures on the Dow Jones Industrial Average gained about 50 points.

The S&P 500 futures and Nasdaq 100 futures both gained 0.3%.

The S&P 500 came out of its fourth negative week in five, down 1.6% last week.

Not only this, higher than expected inflation prevented huge fluctuations in prices in the markets.

This was mainly because investors re-adjusted their expectations for the Federal Reserve's upcoming rate hikes.

Let us tell you that the earnings season of the third quarter has started.

Where investors are monitoring whether Corporate America will have any significant downside in their outlook in the face of stubbornly high inflation and an economic downturn.