Newry Martinez resigns from Los Angeles City Council

Los Angeles City Council member Nuri Martinez has resigned from her post after a recorded conversation was leaked.

In it, he is heard making objectionable and derogatory remarks about a colleague, his child and members of the indigenous community.

Let me tell you that this resignation of his

The move comes after intense public pressure from Los Angeles residents and President Joe Biden as well as several high-ranking members of the political arena.

Such was the case on Sunday in a leaked audio conversation summarized by the Los Angeles Times.

In these, Martinez can be heard making derisive and racist remarks about the child of Mike Bonin, a council member representing the 11th district.

Let us tell you that in this leaked audio, Martinez can be heard describing Bonin's son as a monkey in Spanish.

Not only that she also refers to Bonin as "little bitch"

Also makes derogatory remarks about members of the indigenous Oaxacan community, calling them "little little dark people".