Los Angeles City Council Elects Paul Krekorian as New President

Let us tell you that the Los Angeles City Council on Tuesday elected Councilman Paul Krekorian as its new leader to replace a president,

Which was forced to resign amid a growing scandal over racist comments.

Let us tell you that Krekorian is replacing former council president Nuri Martinez,

Whom making racist remarks and discussing manipulation of the city's redistribution process

He had resigned from his leadership position and his council seat after being caught on a leaked recording.

Let us tell you that Krekorian has now been tasked with leading the council on a series of political reforms,

Also two other members involved in the controversy, Gil Cedillo and Kevin De Leon, are tasked with increasingly loud calls to step down.

Krakorian said he would aim to reduce the power of the situation.

Let us tell you that Krekorian said in a statement, "Council Presidency is a position of cooperation, not of command.