Carrie Underwood Says Her Own 7-Year-Old Son Feels His Mom Is Famous

How would it feel to have a mother who is a superstar?

Carrie Underwood Says Her Elder Son Isaiah Is Just About To Be Able To Answer That Question

He said it seems to me, Isaiah, who is seven and a half years old, is becoming more and more aware that this is not normal,"

That's what she said in an interview with Sheinelle Jones, which aired today October 14 from Greenville, South Carolina,

Let us tell you that where the singer's "Denim and Rhinestone Tour" is starting from October 15.

He further said that when he goes to school there will be someone who will say that I saw your mother on TV last night.

He also said that he is just becoming more aware that his mother does something that is not normal."

Let us tell you that retired hockey player Mike Fisher is Jacob's father.

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