2 killed in shooting at St. Louis High School

Let us tell you that a gunman ransacked St. Louis High School on Monday morning,

where they fatally shot a woman and a teenage girl and injured six others,

Let us tell you that the police killed him in an exchange of bullets.

Let us tell you that this incident happened after 9 am at Central Visual and Performing Arts High School.

This forced the students to lock doors and sit in the corners of the classroom, jump out of windows and run out of the building in search of safety.

A terrified girl said that she was face to face with the shooter before her gun apparently jammed and she was able to escape.

Others inside the school said they heard the shooter say: "You're all going to die."

The city's police chief said swift action by a security guard and police officers who "ran to open fire" helped put an end to the shooting,

before more people were killed or injured.